Episodes 31, 32: Animal Cruelty Unit & Task Force: What Is Being Done To Identify, Investigate and Prosecute Offenders And Protect Animals (2-Part Series)  

In order starting with Part 1, Episode 31 –

Description: Discussion on actionable criminal animal cruelty, background on the Animal Cruelty Unit & Regional Task Force, examples of cases, the importance of educating the community on animal cruelty and how the public can help reduce and prevent animal cruelty.  Guests are Principal Criminal Attorney Hilary Bagley- Franzoia, City of Sacramento Chief Animal Control Officer Jace Huggins and Veterinarian Dr. Sara Harrison.

Show Notes:  The group introduces themselves and explain their roles within their organizations and their personal passion and commitment to protecting animals.

Guests talk about how they all work together on the Animal Cruelty Regional Task Force and the changes it has made to the investigation and prosecution of cases.  This includes how it has changed the training of animal control officers and the changing trend in the work of these officers.  Dr. Harrison shares how she works with the Task Force, her integral role and expertise in conducting necropsies and how that helps with criminal cases.

The group also discusses what is actionable criminal animal cruelty – including physical cruelty and neglect – the existing laws for animal cruelty cases, examples of animal cruelty cases and consequences for the offenders and the unique challenges with animal cruelty cases.  They also provide insight into what they feel is key to preventing animal cruelty and neglect, including educating children and the general public about how to properly treat and care for animals and what do if they suspect or witness animal cruelty and how to report it.

They provide information on free and/or mobile spay, neuter and animal vaccination clinics that are available in different parts of the city and county.

Guests stress the proven and prevalent link between animal cruelty and violence against people with statistics and examples of cases – many involving domestic violence.

They close with the importance of continuing the accomplishments and progress made by the Animal Cruelty Unit and Task Force.

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