On January 6, 2022, 35-year-old Jamie Williams-Major was arrested on 166 charges related to an Employment Development Department (EDD) fraud scheme totaling more than $2.75 million dollars. Williams-Major fraudulently filed 166 EDD claims in the names of state prison inmates and identity theft victims.  To date, this is the largest EDD fraud scheme discovered in Sacramento County.

In April of 2021, Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office, Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office, and the Employment Development Department arrested Williams-Major and six other subjects who were state and local inmates. At that time, law enforcement believed the subjects obtained more than $250,000 in a fraudulent EDD scheme. See Prior Press Release

After law enforcement arrested Williams-Major in April, they obtained a search warrant and searched the contents of her cell phone. Law enforcement discovered the fraud was 10 times bigger than first suspected.  Authorities obtained an arrest warrant for Williams-Major and arrested her in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Williams-Major was transported to Sacramento to face additional charges and will be arraigned on January 19, 2022. See Charging Document

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