DATE: March 26, 2021

CASE: Joshua Thomas (Case#19FE021265)

PROSECUTOR: Deputy District Attorney Courtney Martin, Domestic Violence Unit

The Honorable Ernest Sawtelle sentenced Joshua Thomas to 20 years and 4 months in prison. On February 4, 2021, a jury convicted Thomas of first-degree residential burglary, stalking, assault with a deadly weapon, making criminal threats, violating a restraining order and two counts of child endangerment.  An allegation that Thomas suffered a prior 2001 strike conviction for voluntary manslaughter was also found true.

On November 22, 2019, Thomas went to the victim’s home and used a BB gun to shoot out the sliding glass door. The glass shattered just feet from the couch where the victim and her two small children were sitting. While holding what appeared to be a firearm, Thomas threatened to kill the victim in front of the children. The victim and the children were able to flee from the house and call law enforcement for help. This was the culmination of more than a year of harassment, threats, and stalking by Thomas.

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