DATE:  October 11, 2019

CASE:  Taylor Montgomery-Gutzman & Rebecca Thomas (Case #16FE022095)

PROSECUTOR:  Supervising Deputy District Attorney Chris Ore, Special Assault & Child Abuse Unit

The Honorable Allen Sumner sentenced Taylor Montgomery-Gutzman to 31 years to life in prison.  Rebecca Thomas had been previously sentenced 25 years to life in prison. On May 3, 2019, a jury convicted Taylor Montgomery-Gutzman and Rebecca Thomas of the second-degree murder of 22-month-old Kash Thomas, and felony child abuse involving Kash’s 22-month-old twin brother.  Montgomery-Gutzman was also found guilty of assault on a child causing death.

On October 13, 2016, Taylor Montgomery-Gutzman strangled Kash Thomas to death.  Rebecca Thomas, the children’s mother, had seen injuries on her children prior to the murder, but nonetheless left the 22-month-old twins in Montgomery-Gutzman’s care.  Thomas had been told to seek medical attention for both children, but she failed to do so.

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