DATE: February 23, 2018

CASE: Patrick Lee (Case #16FE021010)

PROSECUTOR: Deputy District Attorney Allison Dunham, High Risk Domestic Violence Unit

Patrick Lee was convicted by a jury of domestic violence, criminal threats, child endangerment, kidnapping and false imprisonment.  The jury also found true that Lee used a knife and caused great bodily injury involving domestic violence.

Lee and the victim lived together with their one-year-old child.  On June 21, 2016, Lee assaulted the victim, causing visible injury. The victim’s cousin reported it to the police.  Lee was arrested and charged with domestic violence.  He bailed out of custody and reconciled with the victim.  On October 15, 2016, Lee demanded the victim cut off her hair.  He told her if she didn’t cut it off, he would kill her and displayed a knife.  When their son began to cry, he threatened to kill her and the child if she did not stop him from crying.  Lee then hit her, causing an injury. The victim did not report the incident, nor did she seek medical treatment for her injury.  Approximately two weeks later, the victim decided to leave Lee.  On October 29, 2016, Lee showed up at her work unannounced and demanded she talk to him.  He threatened to hurt her and the customers in the store if she did not comply.  The victim went out to the parking lot to talk with Lee in his car.  Lee then drove out of the parking lot with the victim in his car and told her he was going to kill her.  Believing he would kill her, the victim jumped from the moving car.  She suffered a fractured skull and extreme facial trauma, which required a metal plate in her face and skin grafts.

The victim later reported that Lee was emotionally, economically and physically abusive to her throughout their relationship.

Lee faces a maximum sentence of 18 years in prison.  Sentencing is set for March 22, 2018, in Department 40 before the Honorable Raoul Thorbourne.