Episode 8: Working in the Community: Motel 6 MOU (pt. 1)

Description: How the Community & Government Relations Division is working in, and with, the community.  Programs and partnerships are highlighted, including an introduction to a specific example involving a Memorandum of Understanding with Motel 6.

Show Notes: Assistant Chief Deputy District Attorney Natalia Luna gives an overview of the Community & Government Relations (CGR) Division and the units within the division, including the Community Prosecution Unit.

Community prosecutors Deputy District Attorney Ron Linthicum and Deputy District Attorney Joy Smiley join the conversation to talk about the office’s many community prevention and education programs for youth and adults as well as the broad range of partnerships they have in the county.

Ron and Joy talk in more detail about the type of work/activities they do on a regular basis.  A number of examples of CPU’s non-traditional approach to handling cases and outside-the-box programs, partnerships and accomplishments are discussed.

The focus is turned to one particular example that is unique, unprecedented and demonstrates the role of community prosecutors and how CPU works to address neighborhood crime – the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Motel 6.

Using the Motel 6 MOU as a case example, Ron, Joy and Natalia talk through how CPU started the ball rolling to what ultimately led to the MOU agreement.   They detail out from when they were made aware of issues at Motel 6 properties to how the situation was elevated to a broad multi-agency discussion of how to address the issues to a meeting with local public agencies and Motel 6 representatives.

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