Episode 9: Working in the Community: Motel 6 MOU (pt. 2)

Description: How the Community Prosecution Unit partnered with local public agencies to create a Memorandum of Understanding with Motel 6 to resolve crime and quality of life issues while also investing in crime prevention and helping victims.

Show Notes: Assistant Chief Deputy District Attorney Natalia Luna and community prosecutors Deputy District Attorney Ron Linthicum and Deputy District Attorney Joy Smiley discuss the initial reactions and plan of action to resolve issues at Motel 6 properties throughout the city and county of Sacramento.  They discuss how the idea of entering into an MOU come about, and the collaborative process in planning and detailing out a proposed agreement.

The specific details and conditions of the MOU are outlined with examples of the types of changes they involved to meet the requirements. They also emphasized a significant and very unique aspect of the MOU, which is Motel 6’s giving back to the community through a financial investment in local community-based organizations that provide youth intervention services and assist victims of human trafficking and domestic violence.

Natalia, Ron and Joy share the results of the MOU – both specific to the agreement and their expectation of changes that needed to be made as well as unexpected benefits and additional positive changes it created with Motel 6 and within the community.

They all agreed the MOU was a great success and a win-win for all parties involved and the community at large.  The MOU was successfully determined with Motel 6 enhancing its operational practices and a total of $750,000 distributed to local nonprofits.

They close by sharing their personal insight and thoughts on this very unique and collaborative approach to resolving neighborhood crime.

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