New! Episode 55: Driving Under the Influence: Spotlight on Prevention Partners

Description: Discussion with two longtime DUI/DUID prevention partner organizations Arrive Alive, CA and Mothers Against Drunk Driving about prevention programs, focusing on the Real DUI Court in Schools program, the importance of reaching children early and the importance of partnerships.

Show Notes:  Guests Arrive Alive CA CEO Angela Webb, MADD Victim Services Specialist Rhonda Campbell and Lead Deputy District Attorney (DDA) Gregory Hayes introduce themselves.

Hayes explains his current role related to DUI cases and the DUI/DUID prosecution and Education Outreach program.  Funding for this program was provided by a grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety, through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Hayes states current DUI penal codes. Hayes, Webb and Campbell talk about the scope of the DUI/DUID problem with local and national stats.

Webb and Campbell talk about the importance of reaching kids early – elementary and middle school – to shape their ideas and provide accurate information about DUI/DUID.  They explain high school is when they act on their ideas/beliefs.  Webb explains the Real DUI Court in Schools program and gives stats on the number of students reached since the start of the program. Hayes and Campbell talk about their involvement in the program.  Webb, Campbell and Hayes share the feedback they have received about Real DUI Court in Schools and why they believe the program is so effective among students.

Campbell talks about other MADD programs, how they work and why they are effective.

Webb and Campbell talk about the challenges, changes and successes they have experienced over their time working in prevention.  They give insight into the importance of partnerships and who they work with to get the message across to different audiences.  They also share what keeps them motivated and energized to continue their work.

Hayes, Campbell and Webb close the discussion by giving advice, resources and key takeaways.


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