New! Episode 49: Surviving Evil: Survivors Turned Advocates 

Description: A discussion with survivors of the East Area Rapist turned advocates in recognition of Victim Rights month moderated by Assistant Chief Deputy District Attorney Thien Ho.  Guests are Kris Pedretti and Gay Hardwick.

Show Notes: Assistant Chief Deputy District Attorney, Thien Ho moderates a discussion about two survivors who faced the East Area rapist and lived to talk about it.  They are now advocates that help other survivors find their voice.   

Kris Pedretti talks about her encounter with the East Area Rapist when she was just 15 years old.  She describes her experience with law enforcement after the crime and how she was forced to silence herself.  Kris talks about her current advocacy work in forming the group “Sexual Assault Survivors: it’s time to tell your story.” 

Gay Hardwick discusses the night the East Area Rapist terrorized her and her husband in their new home.  She talks about the law enforcement response and how she was made to feel like a stranger in her own home.  Gay also explains why she is advocating for assault survivors and helping to teach law enforcement about the victim’s perspective.    

The group then discusses how only twenty-five percent of assault victims report the attack, and how to change that number.  They talk about victim needs and how the public and law enforcement can help in the healing process.  They also discuss how the community can help in these advocacy efforts by having more conversations about the trauma to help de-stigmatize the role of the victim.    

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