New! Episode 48: The Raging Fentanyl Epidemic

Description: A discussion with affected family members who lost loved ones too soon to Fentanyl poisoning moderated by Assistant Chief Deputy District Attorney Thien Ho.  Guests are Chris and Laura Didier, Allyssia Funicello and Fire Chief Walt White. 

Show Notes: Assistant Chief Deputy District Attorney, Thien Ho moderates a discussion with an experiences first responder and family members of victims lost to fentanyl poisoning.   

Laura and Chris Didier talk about their son Zachary, forever 17.  Zachary was a star student with a bright future ahead of him until he took a pill he mistakenly believed to be Percocet – it was fentanyl.  His father found him unresponsive in his bedroom a couple days after Christmas.  The Didiers have now dedicated their life to warning others of this danger.  They discuss their work with several non-profit organizations including Song for Charlie.     

Allyssia Funicello talks about her brother Mikael, forever 23.   Mikael was her baby brother and the favorite uncle to her children.  Mikael also took a pill not knowing it was a lethal dose of fentanyl.   Allyssia describes her efforts to curtail this epidemic though her work to educate the public about fentanyl poisoning.   

Chief Walt White talks about his experience as a first responder.  He also shares the story of his brother Vincent who he also lost to fentanyl poisoning.  Chief White explains how to use Naloxone and the Good Samaritan laws. 

The group then discusses current trends and red flags that parents and other community members should look out for.  They also discuss how they collaborate with many organizations to provide support for family members who have lost their loved ones to fentanyl poisoning.  The group ends by discussing next steps and how the community can help curtail this epidemic.   

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