New! Episode 45: Driving Under the Influence Involving Marijuana

Description: Discussion on Driving Under the Influence (DUI) involving marijuana cases, the increase in these cases, detecting marijuana impaired drivers, what the District Attorney’s Crime Lab is seeing in analyzing DUI toxicology samples, prosecuting these specific types of cases and the difference in the marijuana of today versus marijuana from decades ago. Guests are California Highway Patrol Officer Travis Herbert, Sacramento County District Attorney Crime Lab Director Michael Toms, DA criminalist Sara Porter and Lead Deputy District Attorney Kelly Clark.

Show Notes:  The discussion starts with California Highway Patrol Officer Travis explaining what CHP is seeing on the roads and highways.  Officer Travis also describes how officers can detect marijuana use by drivers during traffic stops.

Crime Lab Director Michael Toms and DA Criminalist Sara Porter discuss recent statistics from analyzed DUI samples tested specifically for marijuana.  Toms talks about a database project currently in the works with the Coroner’s Office to detect DUI fatalities that involved marijuana.

Lead Deputy District Attorney Kelly Clark talks through the different DUI charges and charges for marijuana use.

The group provides information about the vast difference in marijuana today from decades ago – including significant increase in potency, different forms (vaping, edibles, etc.).  They also inform listeners they may not realize how potent marijuana is in the different forms and the dangers of increased potency and impact on driving.

The group closes with key takeaways to prevent DUI and DUI involving marijuana.


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