Episode 42: Jury Trials During COVID-19

Description: Discussion on the changes to the jury trial process during the COVID-19 pandemic.  We discuss the impact on the entire process from confirming and conducting the trial to sentencing.  Guests are Principal Deputy District Attorney Nancy Cochrane, Deputy District Attorney Kristen Andersen, and Deputy District Attorney Ryan Roebuck.

Show Notes:

This episode is part of a series highlighting jury trials that have been successfully conducted during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nancy, Kristen, and Ryan introduce themselves and explain their respective units and roles in the office.  They also discuss the types of cases they are assigned to prosecute.

Then each attorney discusses the changes to the jury trial process by discussing trials they successfully conducted which involved child abuse, at a Sacramento County, and a residential burglary.

Nancy explains the pretrial process, and how presenting victim testimony was very different during this time.  Kristen describes how different the jury selection process is under COVID.  Ryan discusses case presentation and how they safely handle evidence and trial exhibits.

The discussion closes with silver linings, including how jurors and victims stepped up during this time to make sure the administration of justice could continue.  The DA’s also touted measures the Court took to keep everyone safe.


Press release: https://sacda.org2020/08/04/defendant-convicted-of-sexually-assaulting-multiple-children-2/

Press release: https://sacda.org2020/08/26/defendant-sentenced-for-shooting-sheriffs-deputy/

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