New! Episode 38:COVID-19: Impact On Invictus Youth Foundation’s Mission To Serve Youth And Future Events, Activities

Description: Invictus Youth Foundation Founder, President & CEO Viliami Tuivai (Coach V) talks to Supervising Deputy District Attorney Rochelle Beardsley about his personal story and his passion for inspiring and mentoring at-risk youth through the foundation’s free programs.

Show Notes:  Coach V talks about how he and his family immigrated to the Unites States from the island of Tonga.  He shares growing up as an at-risk youth with little money – on free/reduced lunch – in a community with a lot of gangs.

Through his love of sports, Coach V turned challenges into opportunities which has led to the success he has achieved today.  Coach V to college football player to NCAA football coach.  He is now a life leadership and business coach, a motivational speaker and radio host.

The focus of the conversation is Coach V’s passion project – the Invictus Youth Foundation, which he founded and serves as president and CEO.  The foundation’s mission is to inspire and teach kids life principles and life lessons to be successful as well as enjoy peace, happiness, fulfillment and love in life.  The foundation is a 100% volunteer-based organization that provides free youth sports camps –  football, basketball, soccer, snowboarding/skiing – and a flight training program.

With COVID-19, Coach V did not want to take any chances and put health and safety first.  He decided to shut down all programs this year until he is sure it is safe to resume programs.  As of now, Coach V believes they may be able to start up again in February or March with their snowboard/ski camp.  Future plans include expanding camps to Hawaii and San Diego.  Once kids are back in school, Coach V plans to have camps back up since he sees that as verification it is safe at that time.

For updates on when programs will start again after COVID-19, visit the Invictus Youth Foundation website or Facebook page.  There will also be information on upcoming fundraising events, including a potential golf tournament in October, a banquet and possible concert fundraisers.


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