Episodes 36, 37: Special COVID-19 Series: Five Elected District Attorneys and Peace Over Violence On Serving, Protecting Victims and Denim Day (2-Part Series) 

In order starting with Part 1, Episode 36 –

Description: The Elected DAs of Alameda, Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Diego and Santa Clara counties and Peace Over Violence on how they are working in innovative ways to continue serving and protecting victims of domestic violence, child abuse, elder abuse and sexual assault during unprecedented times.

Show Notes:  Sacramento County DA Anne Marie Schubert hosts this discussion with Alameda County DA Nancy O’Malley, Los Angeles County DA Jackie Lacey, San Diego County DA Summer Stephan and Santa Clara County DA Jeff Rosen, and is later joined by Peace Over Violence Executive Director Patricia (Patti) Giggans.

DA O’Malley begins by providing background on Alameda County, her professional background and serving as president of the California District Attorneys Association (CDAA).  She then shares some different and innovative ways her office continues to engage and serve victims, including through their Human Trafficking Task Force and Family Justice Center.  DA Lacey talks about LA County and some innovative ways they are also working to reach and protect victims, including through their “Behind Closed Doors” program.  DA Lacey also shares a personal story about domestic violence.  DA Rosen talks about how they are able to continue office operations, the unique demographics of Santa Clara County and their hate crimes PSA aimed at addressing Asians being targeted in their community.  Rosen also discusses innovative ways they are serving victims, including a soon-to-be launched app for victims to receive notifications and information.  DA Stephan talks about San Diego County and how her office has shifted to more use of technology to continue operations and meet timelines.  She also talks about new and innovative ways they are working to protect victims, including the elderly who are at nursing homes and children during school closures.

DA O’Malley closes part one of the discussion by talking about a domestic violence, child abuse and elder abuse public awareness campaign and partnership with California district attorneys through CDAA and the California Grocers Association.

Part two begins with DA Lacey introducing Peace Over Violence Executive Director Patricia (Patti) Giggans.  Patti talks about the Peace Over Violence organization, including its work and mission.  She provides the origins and history of Denim Day, the importance of raising awareness about domestic violence and sexual assault and how they are still holding a virtual Denim Day.


For more information on Peace Over Violence and Denim Day, visit PeaceOverViolence.org.

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