Episode 26: Conclusion of Hate Crimes Series: What Is Being Done Today? 

Description: A discussion on the current state of hate crimes, the challenge with underreporting, the impact on victims and the targeted groups and what is being done today to protect the community against these crimes. Guests are US Attorney McGregor Scott, District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert, FBI Assistant Special Agent in Charge Robert Tripp, Supervising Deputy DA Thien Ho, President of the Jewish Federation of the Sacramento Region Deborah Gonzalez and SALAM Islamic Center Chairman Waseem Bawa.

Show Notes: The conversation starts with the difference between a hate activity vs. a hate crime. If people are not sure if something is a hate crime, they should still report it and let law enforcement make that determination.

The group discusses the state of hate crimes today. Faith leaders talk about and security measures that are now needed at houses of worship and faith-based events, and the pursuit of grants to fund additional security.

The topic turns to the impact hate crimes has on its specific victims and the targeted groups that are attacked – which is unique to hate crimes. It’s a very personal crime against who a person is, a part of their identity.

The Hate Crimes Task Force is working to bring law enforcement and community groups together to share information and protect the region from organized and individual (lone) hate crime attacks. Several examples are given of how law enforcement is informing and protecting the faith community and the direct, two-way open communication the Task Force has with faith and other community organizations.

The US Attorney’s Office and the District Attorney’s Office have specialized Hate Crimes Units. Some Sacramento County stats and a fully adjudicated hate crimes case example was shared.

The group talks about the most significant challenge with hate crimes – underreporting. Everyone agrees many hate crimes are not reported for various reasons. They believe the key to overcoming this issue is educational outreach among faith and other community groups.

The US Attorney’s Office, District Attorney’s Office and Sacramento FBI Office all have community programs that help to educate the community about their constitutional rights and protections as well as their responsibility as a community member.

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