Episode 22: Hate Crimes: Unsolved Double-Murder of Elk Grove Sikh Grandfathers – Suspected Hate Crime

Description: An examination of the unsolved 2011 double-murder of two Sikh grandfathers in Elk Grove, suspected to be a hate crime. Guests are DA Anne Marie Schubert, DA Investigator Kevin Papineau, who was the lead detective on the case while at the Elk Grove Police Department, and Elk Grove Unified School District Board Member Bobbie Singh-Allen.

Show Notes: Guests begin by talking about Elk Grove – what kind of town is it and was historically. Kevin then talks about what happened the day of the murders – one shot and killed and one wounded, who died later in the hospital. The shooting occurred on a Friday afternoon, during rush hour next to a busy freeway.

Kevin and Bobbie talk about the victims – two Sikh grandfathers Gurmej Singh Atwal and Surinder Singh who were walking buddies. The guests explain the initial impact the murders had on the Sikh community and the entire community as well as region as a whole.

Kevin talks about the initial investigation – what was known initially, were there initial suspects, did they suspect the hate crime motive, were there witnesses, what evidence was found, etc. He also explains the challenges in the investigation – lack of eyewitnesses and credible tips.

At close to the one-year mark after the murders, Kevin describes the media event that was held to keep the case I the public mind and possibly bring in new leads. A reward is being offered at $55,000 or as high as $60,000 at this point for tips leading to an arrest. The discussion turns to what the victims’ family and community felt as the investigation continued without an arrest.

In the meantime, a new park has been built in Elk Grove in honor of Gurmej Singh Atwal and Surinder Singh. Bobbie talks about the significance of the City of Elk Grove dedicating this park to Atwal and Singh and what it means for the community.

The guests remain hopeful there will be an arrest made one day and the families will receive justice. They all believe the key to a break in the case is someone who knows something will finally say something… Kevin also believes someone who knows about the truck described as being at the scene of the shooting will also be central to identifying the shooter.

The conversation closes with encouraging anyone who wants to find out more information about this case, or anyone who has information they want to report to contact the Elk Grove Police Department.

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