SVP – Comments

Ideas to Help with Comments to the Judge/Court

Consider the following ideas to help make your argument to the judge as strong and persuasive as possible:

• Mention your tie to the community:  Your relationship to the city, county or specific location of proposed placement emphasizes the importance that you be heard.  Include if you live or work in the affected are, or have children attending school nearby.

• Unfair and unjust to Sacramento: The SVP has no prior relationship with the city, county nor the proposed community.  This SVP should be sent to our community!

• Specific ways the placement will have a negative impact:  Point out specific negative impacts to you, your family, or others. Speak from experience, if possible. For example, children play in the area, walk to school, use the bike trail, and engage in other activities that place them near the proposed placement.  State the location to schools, parks, activities or any other areas of concern. There are no guarantees that he won’t reoffend, so the risk is far too great.

• Have a statement to read: Public comments are much better if you read from a previously written statement rather than speak without one.

• Be brief, but memorable: The optimum speaking time is 1 to 2 minutes.  A 5-minute limit has been placed by the court for either live or telephonic appearances. You want to make sure not to go over time.

• Speakers/authors need to be professional. Inappropriate comments, including profanity or threats, will not be permitted.