Organized Automobile Fraud

This program has brought together different law enforcement agencies to help in the fight against organized automobile fraud. District Attorney offices, the Department of Insurance, the California Highway Patrol, the U.S. Postal Inspector’s office, the Bureau of Automotive Repair, local law enforcement, plus local and state arson investigators have joined together with special investigations units of insurance carriers to put a stop to automobile insurance fraud perpetrators.

This type of fraud includes the individual(s) who dishonestly increases the extent of damage or bodily injury that has occurred in an auto accident, or who arranges for the theft and destruction of his or her vehicle, as well as the complex and sophisticated rings of individuals who stage phony accidents for the sole purpose of filing false insurance claims.

Other types of individuals who fall under the umbrella of this type of fraud are medical providers, such as physicians and chiropractors, who render treatment to allegedly injured persons and inflate the amounts of their bills, some of which may be for nonexistent patients or treatments. Additionally, organized automobile insurance fraud encompasses the attorneys who provide kickbacks for personal injury or property damage client referrals, with the knowledge that the claims are fraudulent.