Automobile Insurance Fraud

The Insurance Fraud Unit handles workers’ compensation fraud, automobile insurance fraud, and organized automobile fraud cases. We have a team of highly motivated attorneys, investigators, and clerical support staff that are dedicated to the investigation and prosecution of these types of fraud crimes.

The insurance industry estimates that auto fraud scams cost consumers anywhere from $15 billion to $20 billion annually. The Insurance Research Council estimates that, nationwide, one-third of all bodily injury claims for auto accidents contain some fraud. The majority of this figure stems from the padding or exaggeration of injuries, but the reality is that the opportunity to cheat the system is taken advantage of by not only the claimant, but by doctors and lawyers as well. Automobile insurance fraud takes many forms, such as:

  • Padding of insurance claims

  • Staged or phantom accidents

  • Organized auto theft rings

  • Automobile arson (Organized Automobile Fraud Interdiction Program)

  • Chop-shops

  • Medical provider and/or auto body billing fraud

  • Attorney embezzlement of insurance company settlement funds

  • Insurance broker billing schemes and insurance company personnel conspiring with other individuals to defraud their own employers

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