Legal Remedies

Small Claims Court

The Small Claims Court is an informal court in which each party represents himself or herself. No attorneys are permitted unless they are bringing suit on their own claims. The maximum amount you may seek in Small Claims Court is $10,000. You are limited to filing only two cases per calendar year over $2,500. The Small Claims Advisory Clinic provides individualized assistance to litigants as to who, what and where to file; how to serve the documents; and how to present the case in Small Claims Court.

Private Attorney

The Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office, Consumer & Environmental Protection Division, is prohibited from representing a private citizen who seeks the return of their money or any other personal remedy. You may wish to contact a private attorney or organization that can provide you with legal counsel or assistance. Consult your local yellow pages or contact the following:


You and the other party may wish to resolve your dispute without using the court system. Mediation is an alternative to costly and lengthy litigation. It should be kept in mind that mediation is a voluntary process for both parties.