DATE: March 27, 2024

CASE: Bridget Adams (Case #23FE008781)

PROSECUTOR: Deputy District Attorney Miranda Drolet, Felony Unit

The Honorable Michael Sweet sentenced Bridget Adams to 9 years and 4 months in state prison after Adams pled to felony charges of stalking, stalking while prohibited by a court order, false imprisonment, solicitation to commit a crime, two counts of perjury and two counts of witness intimidation.

In 2022, Adams made a romantic advancement toward the victim, who was Adams’ former counseling patient. The victim rejected Adams and reported her to credentialing agencies. Adams then sent the victim harassing texts and phone calls, followed him in her car, posted his personal information online and impersonated attorneys and investigators to convince the victim to drop his complaint.  Adams also filed for a temporary restraining order (TRO) against the victim, signed under penalty of perjury, in which she presented threatening emails she claimed were sent by the victim.  She then reported multiple falsified TRO violations and appeared in court to pursue the TRO under penalty of perjury. Based on evidence provided by Adams, the victim was arrested and held in jail pending felony charges. An investigation swiftly revealed Adams sent the threatening emails to herself and doctored them to implicate the victim. The victim was released and all charges against him were dismissed. Adams continued to stalk the victim, file false reports and made threats against the victim’s family after she was served with a criminal protection order prohibiting her actions. After Adams was arrested, she instructed a family member to write and forge letters impersonating the victim and a witness. Her plan was to use the letters as evidence at a bail hearing and to falsely implicate the victim and a witness in crimes so that they would be arrested and unable to testify at trial.