DATE: November 16, 2023

CASE: Salvador Vasquez-Oliva (Case #17FE005491)

PROSECUTOR: Principal Criminal Attorney Jeff Hightower, Homicide Unit

The Honorable Michael Sweet sentenced Salvador Vasquez-Oliva to death. On May 1, 2023, Salvador Vasquez-Oliva was convicted by a jury of four counts of first-degree murder, with allegations of personal use of a deadly weapon and the special circumstance of multiple murders found true.  On May 12, 2023, the jury returned a verdict of death.

In March 2017, Vasquez-Oliva killed his wife, Angelique Vasquez, and their two children, Mia and Alvin Vasquez.  He also stabbed to death his niece Ashley Coleman.  All four murder victims were discovered inside a South Land Park residence after a family member requested the Sacramento police conduct a welfare check at the home. Within hours of the victims being found, police officers were able to locate Vasquez-Oliva in the Bay Area and took him into custody.