DATE: September 27, 2023

CASE: Roy Pacheco & Monica Lopez (Case #19FE004190)

PROSECUTOR: Deputy District Attorney Adrianne McMillan, Major Crimes Unit

Roy Pacheco was convicted by a jury of 13 counts of robbery and one count of felon in possession of a firearm.  The jury also found true use of firearm allegations. Monica Lopez was convicted by a jury of 8 counts of robbery, with arming allegations found true.

Roy Pacheco and Monica Lopez were in a dating relationship.  Between March 3 – 6, 2019, Pacheco and Lopez entered six businesses and robbed the employees. There were 13 robbery victims between the six locations. Pacheco was armed with a firearm during the robberies and discharged the firearm during one robbery. Lopez aided Pacheco during the robberies.

Allegations that Pacheco has two prior strike convictions for assault causing injury and assault with a deadly weapon will be determined at the sentencing hearing.

Pacheco faces a maximum sentence of 471 years to life in prison.  Lopez faces a maximum sentence of 19 years in prison.  Sentencing is set for October 24, 2023, at 9:00 a.m. in Department 34 before the Honorable Alyson Lewis.

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