DATE: June 26, 2023

CASE: Andrey Prudnikov (Case #21FE003491)

PROSECUTOR: Deputy District Attorney Denise Halstead, Adult Sexual Assault Prosecution Unit

On June 23, 2023, the Honorable Ernest Sawtelle sentenced Andrey Prudnikov to 12 years in prison. On May 1, 2023, a jury convicted Prudnikov of the rape of an unconscious person and rape by force.

On May 21, 2020, the then 19-year-old victim was asleep on a couch at a friend’s house when her group of friends went out to get firewood for the firepit.  One of the friend’s brother, Andrey Prudnikov, lived at the house and was alone with the victim. The victim woke up when she felt someone on top of her and touching her sexually. When the victim began to comprehend what has happening, she realized she was being raped by Prudnikov. The victim was able to push Prudnikov off of her and run for help. Prudnikov fled the area, but he was caught approximately one month later. DNA evidence linked Prudnikov to the sexual assault. Prudnikov committed the acts with sophistication and planning by locking the doors to the house to prevent anyone from walking in and closing the shades to hide what he was doing.

The aggravating factor that the victim was particularly vulnerable was found true based on the facts that the victim felt she could trust the people in the house, felt safe while she slept and was asleep when the rape began.

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