It’s a wonderful program, we found out about it through Nextdoor. It helps educate you and get you involved. It bridges the gap between the community and law enforcement.” – Sylvia Franklin

“I loved how open everyone was, it was very transparent. We also loved the Sheriff Department ride along and the different tours we got to take.” – Jenny Franklin

“I really enjoyed this program. As a college student, I wanted to be a part of the law enforcement program and I think this program gave me a better understanding of the District Attorney, the Defense Attorney, and law enforcement.”  – Zabrina Torres

“The Citizens Academy provided an informative, candid and revealing look at the inner workings of our law enforcement and criminal justice systems.  We learned from knowledgeable insiders and were given a unique, behind-the-scenes view of the challenges they face every day. Every class was fascinating.” – Joe Selewicz