Welfare & Institutions Code section 6609.1 specifies the procedure for determining where an SVP will be housed. The SVP may be housed in any county in California, as long as he or she establishes domicile in that county. Once the county of domicile is established, Liberty Healthcare Corporation, in conjunction with the DSH, will conduct a housing search of suitable locations for placement within the county and recommend a specific address to the court. All placement sites must comply with state law, including Jessica’s Law. For example, SVPs may not live within 2,000 feet of a school or park. The SVP should not be placed near victims nor their family members. Once the court approves a placement location, there is a period of time for public comment on the proposed placement. The reviewing court will consider the public comments in making its final placement determination. If the proposed location is approved, the court will order the SVP to be transported to the designated address on or before a specified date and community supervision begins.