DATE: August 30, 2022

CASE: Jermine Hollie (Case#19FE006899)

PROSECUTOR: Deputy District Attorney Scott Schweibish, Adult Sexual Assault Prosecution Unit

Jermine Hollie was convicted by a jury of rape of a 14 year old and committing a lewd act upon a child.

In September 2018, Jermine Hollie was driving down Watt Avenue when he saw the 14-year-old victim walking across the street.  Hollie pulled into a parking lot and waited for the victim to walk towards his car. Hollie then asked the victim to get in his car several times and go for a ride.  The victim said no multiple times, but finally agreed thinking she could get a ride back home. Instead, Hollie drove the victim to a small warehouse and told her he wanted to have sex with her. The victim told him no and that she was only 14 years old.  The victim tried to run away, but Hollie grabbed her and told her if she tried that again he would choke her.  The victim pled with Hollie and repeatedly told him no and that she was only 14 years old.  The victim complied in performing oral sex on Hollie, hoping that would satisfy him.  Hollie then proceeded to rape the victim as she begged him to stop.  Hollie then dropped the victim off across the street from the Children’s Receiving Home. The victim notified staff, who then drove her to the hospital. DNA extracted during a forensic exam was a match to Hollie.

Hollie faces a maximum sentence of 60 years to life in prison.  Sentencing is set for October 7, 2022, at 1:30 p.m. in Department 40 before the Honorable Steve White.