On July 26, 2021, former U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer became yet another victim of a violent robbery in California.  This was a strong-arm robbery of an 80-year-old grandmother in broad daylight in Oakland’s Jack London Square, which is in California Senator Nancy Skinner’s district.  Senator Skinner is currently proposing new legislation that would make this horrific crime, strong-arm robbery, a misdemeanor petty theft under Senate Bill 82.

Fortunately, the former senator was not seriously injured. While Senator Boxer is a prominent and household name, there are countless lesser-known victims who have endured similar attacks. To be clear, these victims were subjected to a violent crime. It would be an injustice to minimize their trauma by calling it misdemeanor petty theft—a low-level offense that is eligible for diversion.  SB 82 has nothing to do with justice reform – it is madness that only encourages lawlessness and victimizes citizens in counties throughout the state.

“The assault and robbery of former Senator Boxer is a stark example of the surging and brazen violent crime occurring across California,” states Sacramento County District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert.  “Senator Skinner’s bill to reduce these violent crimes to a misdemeanor and eligible for diversion is a disgrace to victims’ rights and dangerous for public safety. I urge Senator Skinner to abandon this dangerous bill.”