Sacramento County District Attorney Anne Marie Schubert announces the “2021: Year for Victims” campaign to recognize victims of crime and ensure that they are not forgotten by the criminal justice system, legislators, public officials, the media or the community. The campaign will be rolled-out on a local, state and national level and led, in part, by a coalition representing the voices of victims and survivors. Called “Voices for Victims,” the coalition consists of members who have their own personal experience with the criminal justice system and have demonstrated a steadfast commitment to achieving justice for themselves or a loved one. It also includes community leaders who advocate for victims of violent crime.

Coalition members are:
• Dr. Nicole Clavo – People v. Lindsey
• Karen Johnson – People v. Dunn
• Melissa Oliver Storz – People v. Bracamontes
• Bob Canady – People v. Hronis and Bertsch
• Nicole W. – Mother of Sexual Assault Victim
• Keith Dobson & Tamra Dobson – Parents of DV Murder Victim
• Paduacee Vue – People v. Vang
• Tammy Johnson – People v. White
• Roberta Sanchez – People v. Sanchez
• Kristie Kiefer – Victims of Crime Case Manager, CASH
• Rhonda Campbell – Victim Services Specialist, MADD/People v. Winnett
• Rachelle Ditmore – Co-Founder, City of Refuge
• Joyce Bilyeu – Director of Client Services, Family Justice Center
• Misty Foster – Chapter Leader, Sacramento Chapter of Parents of Murdered Children (POMC)
• Mervin Brookins – Co-Founder & CEO, Brother to Brother
• Nina Acosta – Program Manager, District Attorney Victim Witness Program

The coalition’s mission is to ensure that in the pursuit of criminal justice reform the survivors are not forgotten, and the voices of victims are heard. Members serve as liaisons and advocates for victims by sharing their personal stories and supporting legislation, enforcement, funding and resources that will help victims obtain justice.

The website was created to provide more information about the coalition and its members as well as videos and resources.

Other components of the campaign will include a broad, coordinated social media campaign and an online book highlighting “Profiles in Courage.” These profiles will shine a spotlight on the long journey victims, survivors and advocates must travel in obtaining justice.

DA Anne Marie Schubert states, “As District Attorney, I strongly support measured criminal justice reforms that reduce recidivism and enhance public safety. However, improvements to the system can be accomplished without wholesale abandonment of victims or their right to be heard. Through this coalition, we hope to ensure that when public safety policy decisions are being made, the voices of victims will neither be silenced nor ignored.”

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