DATE:  October 9, 2020

CASE: Alejandro Padilla (Case #19FE020867)

PROSECUTOR:  Principal Criminal Attorney Hilary Bagley- Franzoia, Animal Cruelty Unit

The Honorable Patrick Marlette sentenced Alejandro Padilla to 10 years in state prison.  On August 11, 2020, Padilla pled to 11 counts of intentional and malicious animal cruelty.  In two of the counts, Padilla admitted to a use of weapon allegation, which qualify those convictions as separate and serious felonies under California’s Three Strikes Law. By operation of law, and upon his release from prison, Padilla will not be allowed to own, possess, care for, maintain or reside with any animal for 10 years.

Between August and September 2018, Padilla lived with his girlfriend in college housing.  In that one-month period, Padilla committed multiple acts of torture to his girlfriend’s small dog.  When the dog ultimately died from his acts, Padilla discarded the remains on the Sacramento City College campus.  He later recovered and cleaned the dog before representing to his girlfriend that her dog had escaped their apartment and was hit by a car.  The girlfriend greatly mourned her dog and believed Padilla.  In December 2018, the girlfriend replaced her beloved pet with a new puppy.  By early February 2019, Padilla had killed the puppy by asphyxiation.  He later confessed to his girlfriend and law enforcement that he had committed repeated similar acts of torture to both dogs.  The girlfriend reported Padilla to the City of Sacramento Front Street Shelter.

This case was investigated by the Sacramento Police Department and the Sacramento County Animal Cruelty Task Force.