DATE: September 28, 2020

CASE: Nue Thao (#18FE016262)

PROSECUTOR: Deputy District Attorney Maria Wilson, Gangs & Hate Crimes Unit

The Honorable James Arguelles sentenced Nue Thao to 50 years to life in state prison.  On August 18, 2020, a jury convicted Thao of the first-degree murder of Jonathan Lee.  The jury also found true that Thao personally used and discharged a firearm causing death.

Nue Thao and the victim were in a dispute.  Thao and the victim exchanged threats and name calling over Facebook.  When Thao posted a threat to harm the victim’s family on Facebook, the victim texted a relative to see if anyone was outside of her house.  The relative told the victim a car was parked in front of her house and a man was standing outside of the car looking at her house. The victim drove to the house, where Thao and victim confronted each other.  However, there was no physical altercation at that time. Eventually, Thao drove past the victim and the victim hit Thao’s car with a machete.  Thao got out of his car and fired 14 shots at the victim before fleeing the scene.  The victim was struck in the forehead and died.  Detectives were able to identify Thao through social media.  The Sacramento County District Attorney’s Crime Lab analyzed two casings found in Thao’s car and determined they matched the casings at the crime scene.