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Child Abduction

The Child Abduction Unit investigates parental child abductions and helps enforce custody rights when a child has been taken, withheld or concealed in violation of a valid custody order.  Learn more

Consumer & Environmental Protection Division

The Consumer and Environmental Protection Division includes a consumer and environmental unit.  The Consumer Unit investigates and prosecutes unfair, fraudulent and dishonest business practices which harm consumers and honest businesses. The Environmental Unit uses a combination of civil and criminal prosecution remedies to enforce laws that prohibit the illegal disposal of hazardous wastes and other pollutants onto public or private property and into the air and waterways.  Learn More

Insurance Fraud

This unit handles workers' compensation fraud, automobile insurance fraud and organized automobile fraud cases.  The team investigates and prosecutes these crimes. Learn More

Mental Health Litigation

The Mental Health Litigation Unit utilizes civil commitment hearings for individuals who have completed their maximum prison sentences but remain a danger to society and meet the statutory definition of sexually violent predators, mentally disordered offenders, or offenders formerly found not guilty by reason of insanity. Commitments are generally for one to two years and are for the purpose of treatment not punishment. 

Public Assistance Fraud

This unit prosecutes instances of public assistance fraud referred by the Sacramento County Department of Human Assistance and from any law enforcement agency in Sacramento County.   

Real Estate Fraud

The Real Estate Fraud Unit investigates and prosecutes fraud complaints related to recorded real estate documents in Sacramento County.   These cases include forgeries, identity theft/fictitious buyers, home equity scams, short sale scams, loan modification fraud and embezzlement.  Learn More

Special Investigations & Public Integrity

The Special Investigations Unit prosecutes financial crimes with losses in excess of $100,000, cases involving misconduct by public officials, political corruption and election fraud. It also reviews officer-involved shooting reports submitted by law enforcement agencies.



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