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The Sacramento County District Attorney's Crime Lab is one of the few in California that is managed by the District Attorney's Office. The lab has the highest quality service available for the recognition, collection, preservation, scientific analysis, and interpretation of physical evidence, with a goal towards presentation of such evidence in criminal court cases. The lab has achieved the honor of being accredited by the American Society of Crime Lab Directors Laboratory Accreditation Board.

The laboratory provides forensic services to all law enforcement agencies operating in Sacramento County.  The laboratory is divided into four technical units:

Alcohol and Drugs in Body Fluid (Toxicology)

Analytical screening of tissues and body fluids for drugs of abuse followed by confirmatory and quantitative determinations.

DNA and Serology (Biology)

Identification and analysis of physiological fluids using Polimerase Chain Reaction based DNA typing.


See Biology/DNA Procedures

 Drug Analysis (Chemistry)

Analyzes chemical substances for the presence of controlled drugs

 Trace Evidence, Firearms and Tool Comparison, Arson (Criminalistics)

Comparative evidence - the forensic science discipline in which evidence marks, produced by objects such as tools, firearms, shoes, and tires as compared to

  1. other evidence mark;
  2. test marks produced by the suspect object;
  3. the object itself.

Trace evidence analysis - encompassing the identification, source determination, and comparison of hairs, fibers, paints and polymers, glass, gunshot residue, soil, and other miscellaneous substances recovered in small quantity;

Arson analysis - the analysis of fire-related debris for the presence of accelerant residues (i.e. gasoline, kerosene or other petroleum distillates).

The laboratory also assists law enforcement during field call-outs, providing support in the recognition, documentation, collection, preservation, examination and interpretation of physical evidence at crime scenes and clandestine laboratory scenes.


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