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DA Office FAQs

Can the DA's Office provide me with legal advice?
No. The District Attorney’s Office is prevented by law from answering legal questions or offering legal advice (California Business & Professions Code section 6131).

The Sacramento County Bar Association offers attorney referral services. You may visit their site at: http://www.sacbar.org.
How do I find what employment opportunities exist in your office?
The District Attorney's Office provides a link to job opportunities within our office. Please visit our employment page to find information on internships, and to visit the County Employment website for current permanent employee examinations.
Who decides what charges to file, and how do they make that decision?
Deputy district attorneys review cases brought to the District Attorney’s Office by law enforcement agencies. The facts are reviewed in light of current laws to decide whether criminal charges should be filed in court.
I have a complaint about an employee of the District Attorney’s Office. How do I contact you and will you respond?
You may call (916) 874-6218, write a letter to 901 G Street, Sacramento, CA 95814 or send an email to daoffice@sacda.org summarizing your complaint. It will be reviewed by appropriate personnel and in most cases you will be contacted afterwards.


DA´s Office Reception 916.874.6218
DA´s Victim/Witness 916.874.5701
DA´s Domestic Violence 916.874.6171
Sacramento Sheriff 916.874.5115
Sacramento Police 916.264.5471
Citrus Heights Police 916.727.5500
Elk Grove Police 916.714.5115
Folsom Police 916.355.7234
Galt Police 209.366.7000
Rancho Cordova Police 916.875.9600
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